Podcast: Eat Like a Monk...Live Like a Warrior

Podcast: Eat Like a Monk...Live Like a Warrior

Diets were once thought of solely for losing weight, but now are often used to associate with "food tribes" and establish an identity such as keto, paleo, and more. 

Learn about the Shen, or spirit of dieting, and how eating for the spirit identifies some of the reasons special diets were used to enhance meditation and well-being.

Unless you have special medical reasons or health issues - the most important part of every diet should be a focus on eating clean, and supplementing with herbs! 

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00:30  My personal obesity story and why it’s now hard for me to actually gain weight

05:05  Food Tribes - What are they?

08:40  Are you getting all of the energy out of the food you are eating?

12:55  Why do animals live longer?

15:00  Benefits of cleansing

16:30  Paleo and Mediterranean diet

18:00  Don’t make the gluten free mistake

25:15  Eating for your spirit

36:10  Feeling the best you possibly can

41:30  How to eat like a monk...live like a warrior

46:00  Chinese herbs for boosting energy

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