Podcast: Optimal Performance with Adaptogens

Podcast: Optimal Performance with Adaptogens

Learn all about adaptogenic herbs and how they can be used to provide optimal performance for your body and brain. 

Adaptogens can give your body what it needs to strengthen resistance to chronic stress and assist in homeostasis - the natural regulating system of your body. An effective adaptogen formula can put your body in a position to experience a greater level of health.

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  • What is an adaptogen?
  • How we just flat out do not and cannot consume the right nutrients for optimal performance without herbs and adaptogens.
  • Adaptogens are often mislabeled.
  • How the HPA axis - hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal - affects your stress and how everything in your body is regulated by the HPA.
  • Think about how you react to adaptogens. If you get tired, that may be important to pay attention to.
  • Herbs and adaptogens to empower the body. 

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