Podcast: Lack of Sleep Can Ruin Your Health

Podcast: Lack of Sleep Can Ruin Your Health

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Lack of sleep is a problem that most people face in today’s modern world. This can cause your body to lose its ability to adapt to daily stress, as well as lose energy.

Learn about how a good night's sleep can help to repair your adrenals, regulate hormones, and detoxify your brain - setting up your next day for success!

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0:00 Your body is meant to recover when you sleep

2:01 Insomnia ruins your health

5:03 Adrenal repair and sleep

6:45 Regulating hormones

8:40 Brain detoxification through sleep 

10:59 Herbs that help you relax prior sleep

12:55 Homeostasis - your internal regulating energy

16:24 Tips to fall asleep

18:20 Melatonin - a powerful antioxidant for your brain

29:10 Tonifying your nervous system with herbs

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