Adaptogens Adapt!

Adaptogens Adapt!

Adaptogens adapt! There is no other class of herbs on the planet that can actually do this. They are the most important herb class you can incorporate into your daily diet due to their direct effect on your body’s stress response.

Adaptogenic herbs make up a small segment of “superior herbs,” which are considered foods you should take on a daily basis. The beauty of Chinese herbology is that it focuses on formulation, combining many great herbs that work together in benefitting the body. 

Even though adaptogens are extremely effective during the day as an energy tonic, they can have a multi-layered effect on the body and can also be taken in the evening, so that you relax and get a great night's sleep.

Giving Your Body What It Needs

In other words, adaptogens supply your body with what it currently needs for regulation and repair, which does not always match your concept of what you think you may need.

When you have been continuously stressed for a long period of time, you may take a few adaptogens expecting to have renewed energy and be relaxed. Your body, however, has an internal intelligence, or homeostasis, and it knows it has to shut down for a while for deep healing to occur. 

Restore and Repair

When you first start taking adaptogens, you can become relaxed as your body enters a mode of repairing itself. In order for you to restore your adrenal energy, also known as Jingyou must first go through a period of relaxation in order to build real’s part of the rejuvenation process.

Adaptogenic herbs protect the body and promote its own regulation and homeostasis. However, as with any herbal program, herb quality, dosing and formulation will determine how quickly your body responds, which is why HerbWorks has many great formulas to meet all of your daily needs! 

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