Podcast: The Biggest Lie From Modern Medicine

Podcast: The Biggest Lie From Modern Medicine

Do you realize that you've been lied to? Decades of public health initiatives were based on flimsy information that caused diseases, rather than helping cure them.

Learn about some of the misinformation put out by nutritional institutions and why it was so dangerous. We discuss how to eat clean and stop worrying about cholesterol - the biggest lie ever told by modern medicine. 

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  • 00:40  Where do dietary recommendations come from?
  • 01:34  Is fat good for you?
  • 06:40  Heart disease and obesity 
  • 13:10  Cholesterol guidelines have changed
  • 16:40  Give your brain what it needs
  • 24:22  Chronic fatigue  
  • 28:40  Regulating your blood sugar with herbs

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