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Podcast: The Speed Molecule

Podcast: The Speed Molecule

Are you properly feeding your brain?

Learn all about the “speed molecule” acetylcholine - one of the most important neurotransmitters in your brain, and why high quality herbs & nutrients are essential to keep your brain healthy.

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  • 03:30  Complex mental tasks require a well fed brain
  • 04:40  Reducing inflammation in your brain    
  • 07:00  Why your brain needs choline
  • 10:10  High quality B vitamins can make a difference
  • 13:05  Protecting your blood-brain barrier
  • 20:00  Choline in TianChi
  • 21:00  Rebuilding your brain
  • 24:10  Depression and overmedicating  
  • 27:15  Supporting dopamine to power up your brain


John Zatkovich

Can you take TianChi in the morning if you are fasting?

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