Podcast: The Truth About Adaptogens

Podcast: The Truth About Adaptogens

Adaptogens are quickly gaining popularity due to modern stress and other chronic health issues.

When TIME magazine published an article on adaptogens, they unfortunately missed some key points about these amazing herbs.

Learn about how adaptogens have the ability to balance the body’s energy centers and allow it to have a proper response to stressors and regain vitality.

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0:00  Adaptogens are gaining popularity for stress relief and other health issues

4:00  Why pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in marketing herbs

7:20  Real results with adaptogenic herbs

9:20  Benefits of ginseng, rhodiola and schizandra

10:50  Why the Russians kept rhodiola a secret for years

16:05  How schizandra helped Roger's chronic fatigue

20:30  Benefits of reishi - regulating your immune system

22:05  Why adaptogens are misunderstood

23:45  Understanding extraction of adaptogens

24:45 Are adaptogens dangerous?

29:30  What makes a good adaptogenic herbal formula that is not just “pixie dust”

31:00  The synergistic effect of quality herbalism


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