Poor Memory = Nutritional Deficiencies

Poor Memory = Nutritional Deficiencies

Do you realize that your brain actually requires a steady diet of nutrients just to make neural connections? Without it, your brain will have trouble sending and receiving messages!

It’s simple - memory issues are rooted in nutritional deficiencies. 

Choline is essential to the production of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for communication in your brain. 

Choline is one of the most important nutrients for your brain to support memory, and it requires large quantities of it every day.  It’s important that you never run low, as this can cause serious long term issues such as dementia. 

Essential Nutrients for Your Brain

In addition to choline, If you’re not getting enough methylcobalamin and methylfolate every day (some of the brain essential ingredients in TianChi), it can create an environment where communication, repair, and maintenance of the neural connections in your brain suffer. Taking these nutrients every day lays the groundwork for preventing long term memory issues.

Your brain will actually start to deplete choline from healthy nerve tissue when it’s lacking in your diet, effectively cannibalizing your own brain. Desperate to maintain homeostasis, the pursuit of acetylcholine destroys your own brain and memory to make up for the missing choline.

Eat Organic & Supplement

Another good source of choline is organic pasture raised eggs. Make sure your eggs are organic and pasture raised so they don't have inflammatory chemicals that wreak havoc on your brain.

Although eating a few eggs are great for choline...they still fall short of the companion nutrients needed for proper brain maintenance. Recognizing the need for brain health that can also deal with stress, TianChi is designed to feed your brain essential nutrients every day. 

TianChi is an easy way to get adequate amounts of choline, methylfolate, and methylcobalamin - in just one packet a day!


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