Podcast: Creating Heavenly Energy with Adaptogenic Herbs

Podcast: Creating Heavenly Energy with Adaptogenic Herbs

If you drink TianChi or are thinking about it, DO NOT miss this episode.

In this episode, Roger Drummer explains why he became an herbalist and how this led him to make it his life's mission to help others through his discoveries.

During his many years as a formulator using adaptogenic herbs, Roger has helped thousands of people to understand the benefits of these amazing tonic herbs. He shares how they have personally experienced the balancing effects of these herbs on their energy centers, bringing the return of youth and vitality.

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00:00 Correcting your imbalances with Chinese herbalism

04:10 Homeostasis and superior herbs

07:05 Stress and modern day living

09:24 Stress, aging  and tonic herbs - regulating your organs and glands

10:40 Roger’s flagship formula TianChi (Heavenly Energy) and how it controls stress levels

13:35 Increasing your energy  with TianChi

15:20 Regenerating the body and the brain

21:23 Retraining your nervous system response to stress

32:05 Anti-aging, rejuvenation with Chinese adaptogenic herbs

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