Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery

It doesn’t matter if you’re a highly trained athlete, a factory worker, or a stay at home parent - rest and recovery is a part of life.

Following any activity, the body has to shift into recovery to allow for repair and maintenance. This activity is referred to as anabolic and catabolic—two distinct phases of metabolism.

Anabolic is the building phase. Any time your body is storing or replenishing reserves, it’s in an anabolic state. Catabolic is the exact opposite. It's all about the breakdown and utilization of energy.

Both are great and wonderful processes when they are in balance...but what throws a wrench into the process? Chronic stress!

Locked into Chronic Stress

Being locked into chronic stress puts catabolic metabolism into overdrive. When the body is in full breakdown mode, the normal cellular processes of protection and regeneration fail to engage.Try to think of this as an “all day” stress response.

Anabolic metabolism is associated with being fully present and aware in the moment. Deep sleep activates anabolic metabolism, which is one of the main reasons sleep is so important. This is the time your body and brain uses to recover!

If you’re healthy and have a balanced stress response, you enter into an anabolic state in sleep where 70-80% of your daily calories are used for rejuvenation.

Herbs for Sleep

Adaptogenic herbs like reishi, rhodiola, and ashwagandha - along with valerian root and chamomile found in our formula for Sleep and Recover, allow the body to recover and adapt to the flow of life.

These herbs can help to provide strength and endurance when needed, and then shift back into rest and recovery when the day is over.

Rest assured, you will start the process of waking up to a new you - one that feels refreshed and ready to take on your day in a positive way.

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