Sugar Cravings & Dopamine Addiction

Sugar Cravings & Dopamine Addiction

If you look at addiction of all sorts, you have to look at the effect on the brain and how you can do your part to help with this crisis. Addiction centers on the neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward.

Consuming sugar works on the same principle, activating the same pleasure centers of the brain. Eating sugar gives you a false dopamine rush and unfortunately puts you in a position to always be craving the next false high.

In the midst of any stressful event it becomes very easy to just reach for more sugar to feel satisfied, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Take Back Control

The question then is – how can you take back control of your brain? Better yet, how can you condition it from the beginning to have a healthy dopamine response and set it up for success? It all comes back to what you eat and how you supplement.

Your brain is programmed by your first meal of the day, and for the proper dopamine response, that has to include a big dose of protein. Dopamine deficiency signals a brain lacking protein and if you start your day with a healthy dose of protein from eggs, you’re on the right track, but there’s even more that you can do!

Building Dopamine

Starting off with protein isn’t enough, because you also need to supplement, which was something taken into account when TianChi was formulated.

TianChi contains the amino tyrosine in it, specifically for building dopamine! It’s enough to give your brain a nudge in the right direction, along with DMG and rhodiola which helps create a brain that is well fed, and makes better decisions during the day.

After starting your day off right with some protein and a TianChi, you will begin to reprogram your brain for making dopamine. This is why we often suggest you use TianChi first thing every morning!

It's All About Balance

Depending on your level of brain imbalance, it varies as to how it will take you to fight off those feelings of addiction, but for sugar cravings it only takes about ten days to flip the switch.

When all else fails the one thing we can control is what we eat, and what we put into our bodies. It’s the one thing that can allow our own innate healing system to activate and nudge us back to balance.

Without a program of properly feeding our brain, all other programs are set up for failure. It all comes back to starting your day off right, first thing in the morning!

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