Healthy Brain Fat...MCT and TianChi

Healthy Brain Fat...MCT and TianChi

One of the most important aspects of establishing a good diet is figuring out what you need to maintain excellent brain health, especially as you age. Your brain is made of fat, so making sure it is getting supplemental fat is the best place to start.

While TianChi has you covered with adaptogenic herbs and nutraceuticals to keep your brain in top form, you’ll also need to consume some healthy fats as a part of your daily routine. A good place to start is to concentrate on Omega-3’s and coconut oil.

Your brain is about 30% DHA, an Omega-3 found in fish oil that is absolutely essential to brain health. It’s also available in vegan form - from algae!

Coconut oil is an excellent oil for cooking and for eating in general. It supplies your brain with medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a type of fat that the brain can use for fuel. This gets converted in the liver into ketones, which can be used directly by the brain. If you don't enjoy the coconut taste, you can buy pure MCT oil, which is actually better for your brain anyway!

Having good fats and the proper nutrients is essential for brain health. Your brain and all of your cells depend on the proper nutrition. Adaptogens can also help to prevent brain fog and excessive inflammation - so make sure to start every day with TianChi and feel free to add a little MCT oil for the extra fuel your brain needs to have a successful day! 


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