The Unique Ability of Adaptogens

The Unique Ability of Adaptogens

Adaptogens are in a unique class of their own.

Did you know that adaptogenic herbs can improve your body’s ability to recognize, respond, recover, and restore?


When a stressful situation occurs, your body’s first step is to recognize it. However, if your body is too busy dealing with all kinds of stress, this can impact your ability to recognize new issues, which is why stress management is so important to our daily lives.


After your body recognizes stress, adaptogens can actually help you to respond to it faster and more effectively, by assisting in homeostasis - the natural regulating system of your body. TianChi can help to reestablish homeostasis and even strengthen the weaknesses that accompany long term stress.


Adaptogens have the ability to directly impact your HPA-axis and immediately start to calm your nervous system. Once your body knows how to handle a stressful situation, it can then work on restoration.


When your nervous system starts to relax, your adrenals actually turn off the outpouring of adrenaline.

Once this happens, your adrenals can return to a state of replenishment, start to absorb energy, and build life force!

This is why it is so important to start your day by drinking TianChi!


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