TIME for Adaptogens

TIME for Adaptogens

Adaptogens have finally hit the major news outlets. TIME magazine published an article on adaptogenic herbs, and you know something is getting popular when a major publication finally prints something about it.

Of course it would have been better if they actually talked to an herbalist about adaptogenic herbs...

Why is it that writers always ask doctors' opinions on herbs?

The writers should  know that doctors actually hate herbs, never research them, and can’t even stand herbalists. If you think I’m making this up, you should come with me the next time I talk to one. It’s not pretty. I’ve been charged extra for being an herbalist. I’ve been asked my credentials after the bold act of asking a question.

I’ve even been asked why I think they should answer my questions. The recent TIME article did have some good information and pictures building up to the finale - but these articles all have the same finale.

You’ll always reach a point where they’ll say “of course there isn’t really any research supporting the use of these herbs.” This will be a quote from a doctor with many letters attached to his name, who has never even studied nutrition or herbology. 

Do you know why this irks me so much? I went online after reading the article and found over 900 research papers about ashwagandha on the website PUBMED. I found over 700 on rhodiola. I found over 500 on eleuthero

There are so many articles about the most amazing herbs in the whole world -

Herbs that have been used for centuries longer than western medicine, and all we get is “there’s no research.” I can guarantee you there aren’t 900 papers written about prescription drugs.

Please, just once can someone actually ask an herbalist about herbs? Maybe it will start a trend. We can ask mechanics about cars. Hairstylists about hair. Tattoo artists about tattoos.

Speaking of asking an herbalist...listen to our podcast about the TIME article below!

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