Boosting Your Keto Workouts

Boosting Your Keto Workouts

I like to experiment with my ketones and the ketogenic diet. One of the questions we often seem to get is “will drinking TianChi kick me out of my fast and ruin my ketosis?” The answer is yes and no.

Yes, it could kick you out because it has some carbs. It may be only 33 calories of carbs, but it's still carbs. 

No, because that doesn’t mean it will ruin your ketogenic state!

Small amounts of carb consumption may actually lower your blood sugar and that is a great scenario for elevating ketones. A small dab of carbs triggers just enough insulin release to drop your blood sugar. I’ve discovered how to have to best of both worlds by enhancing my TianChi.

I work out 3x a week lifting weights. It’s how I maintain my hulking muscular mass people are so impressed by. be honest, its how I keep from looking really skinny. Three times a week of pumping iron transforms me into looking slim.

I love drinking TianChi before a workout. I also like to be in ketosis and now I have it all figured out!

My favorite way to drink TianChi

I now like to drink my TianChi mixed with unsweetened coconut milk, a little coconut cream, MCT oil in a blender. It is delicious - but that’s beside the point. I get a great head rush and go deeper into ketosis. I checked my numbers 45 minutes after a drink and I had 80 glucose/5.9 ketones.

That’s amazingly high ketones for just having something with a few carbs in it. You might think that this takes a lot of ingredients to have on hand, but if you’re on a serious ketogenic program you probably have all of these things in your kitchen anyway.

Around 10:30 in the morning, I’m usually thinking of going to the gym, so I'll have my TianChi. I usually want to drink it close to a half hour before working out. It’s never exact, but close to that time.

I also do an intermittent fast from 6pm until around 1pm. The only thing I have before that is the two drinks I just described. My evening meal is around 5:30-6pm.

My ketones with this regimen are consistently between 4 and 6, glucose 70-82. I've found that this is what works best for my lifestyle and wanted to share it, so that you can apply it to your own diet and workouts!

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