Beautify Hair, Nails, and Skin

Beautify Hair, Nails, and Skin

Do you know about the many great health benefits associated with bamboo?

There are so many great Chinese herbs found in TianChi, that sometimes it’s easy to forget about some of the ‘minor’ ingredients like bamboo. We use an efficacious dose in regards to getting the most out of the health benefits associated with it.

Bamboo contains 70% silica - a natural ingredient responsible for strengthening hair, nails, collagen, skin, and joints. These properties are only enhanced when combined in TianChi with herbs like he shou wu and eucommia, herbs that are also famous for strengthening hair and bones.

A Balancing Formula

The cooling and calming properties of bamboo make it a perfect fit with the kidney tonics - cistanches and epimedium, maintaining the overall neutral balance of the formula.

If you’ve ever eaten Chinese stir-fry then you’ve already consumed bamboo in its most common form. It’s the small rectangular vegetable in most dishes used as a source of fiber and intestinal lubricant.

Bamboo is a common plant with an uncommon amount of research and uses in natural medicine.

Inflammation, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cognitive decline, blood sugar regulation, lipid control—the list goes on! You’d think something as amazing as bamboo would be easy to find, but we have it custom made to fit our formula. We are very picky about what we put into TianChi, with each herb extracted at a high yield, and bamboo is no exception.

If we pay so much attention to one of the 'minor' ingredients in TianChi like bamboo, can you imagine the amount of quality and detail goes into making the rest of the formula?!


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