5 Easy Ways to Be Smart & Stay Smart

5 Easy Ways to Be Smart & Stay Smart

Alzheimer’s disease is frightening. 10 years ago treating it was commonly thought to be hopeless, but advances in nutrition have shown that just might not be the case. 

There are several factors involved, but mastering a few simple lifestyle factors may be the difference between a healthy memory and ending up in an assisted living facility.

There are 5 basic ways to enhance and preserve brain function while adding years to your healthy brain. Each of these can make a profound impact on brain health and most of these factors can be put into action without much outside help.

  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Reduce stress
  • Feed your brain

Eight hours of sleep does wonders for your memory. The brain actually detoxes and washes itself with cerebrospinal fluid multiple times as you sleep, doing work similar to the lymphatic system. Without deep, uninterrupted sleep, this doesn’t happen. If you’re having trouble getting into a good sleep routine, Sleep and Recover can help you fall asleep, and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed. 

Eating a whole food diet that controls blood sugar levels prevents more than just diabetes, strokes, or heart attacks. Elevated blood sugar can cut off the energy supply to the brain and create inflammation - the perfect storm for ongoing brain deterioration and premature aging.

Exercise improves not only your muscles; it also tones up the brain. The increase in circulation is one of the key factors in memory function. Exercise has been shown to ramp up the flow to the hippocampus - the memory center of the brain. Increased blood flow leads to increased memory.

Reducing stress is key. Elevated cortisol inflames the hippocampus and creates a toxic environment that destroys your memory. Combine this with nutritional deficiencies and you create the perfect environment for memory loss. Inner Peace can help with long-term and low-level stress, which can eventually wear you down.

Modern living requires a modern approach to protecting and feeding your brain. TianChi helps re-establish homeostasis by strengthening the weaknesses that accompany long term stress. At the same time it provides adaptogens and nutraceuticals that feed the neurotransmitters responsible for powering up your brain, processing information, and helping to reduce inflammation.

One thing to remember is that it takes 10 years of mental decline to have it show up in ways that impact normal functioning. With these 5 easy ways to be smart and stay smart, the time to start this program is NOW! 

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