Charge Up Your Brain With Nootropics

Charge Up Your Brain With Nootropics

Do you ever feel like your brain just can’t keep up?

The world is constantly changing and if your brain is slow or lags behind, it makes it even more difficult to handle stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might be because your brain is sluggish and is having trouble processing the enormous amount of information we’re bombarded with daily. 

There are two ways to charge up your brain:

  • Nutrients feed the brain, providing basic maintenance and fuel for all its activities. 
  • Nootropics are compounds used to improve mental alertness and processing, enhancing cognition and learning. 

Nootropics have become popular with people who want to optimize their brain so they can operate at peak performance. Luckily, HerbWorks combines both nutrients and nootropics as an approach to brain health in one formula - TianChi!

Turn On Your Frontal Lobe

If you want to tune up your mind, TianChi is the ultimate way to go. Drawing on herbal traditions going back thousands of years, we’ve always included the nootropic Gotu Kola in our formula. Known as Brahmi in Ayurvedic medicine, Gotu Kola opens the energy centers in the forehead. It was traditionally used for enhancing meditation and memory. 

Gotu Kola is included in TianChi to enhance energy in the part of the brain associated with executive function in the frontal lobe. This is the area used for working memory and flexible thinking. If you turn on the frontal lobe, you increase the ability to be in control.

Power Up Your Brain

Modern testing shows improvement in attention and reaction time, along with a surge in brain processing speed in as little as 1 hour after taking Gotu Kola. 

Improved memory, word/picture recognition, and alertness—all the hallmarks of overall improvements in brain function, were noted as well. As can be expected, when brain function improves, people exhibit more calmness and mood stability which are all markers for being able to better handle stress. 

TianChi benefits all aspects of brain health because of its unique blend of nootropic adaptogens and special herbs like Gotu Kola, combined with specific nutrients to maintain your brain’s energetic integrity. 

If you haven’t already, give TianChi a try. There is no other formula on the market that comes close to these life-enhancing properties on a daily basis!

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