Is Your Brain Exhausted?

Is Your Brain Exhausted?

Is it possible that Alzheimer’s could be a symptom of starvation of the brain? 

Deficiencies of certain nutrients - especially methylfolate, methylcobalamin, and Omega 3’s, lead to inflammation and the inability to initiate normal defense and repair mechanisms in the brain. The other culprit here is stress, and now there are studies to prove it.

As it turns out, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia involves exhaustion of normal levels of cellular function within the endocrine system. Patients affected by these diseases show exhaustion within the HPA axis. It manifests as reduced growth hormone, elevated cortisol and decreased adrenal hormone production.

Stress and Cellular Damage

Everyone knows that getting stressed messes with their intellect, but few realize the long term cellular damage associated with elevated cortisol. Prolonged exposure to elevated cortisol damages the neurons of the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is the memory center of the brain. Extensive neuronal damage leads to energy depletion and brain exhaustion. This is especially damaging in the elderly and may preclude more serious neurological diseases. However, there is an answer for all of this and its prevention.

Adaptogens Can Protect Your Brain

Adaptogenic herbs are some of nature's most potent foods for nourishing the HPA axis and protecting the brain against neuron damage.

We've made it our mission to educate the world about the powerful protective and restorative aspects of adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola, eleuthero, reishi, ashwagandha and schizandra.

All of these amazing herbs can be found in our formulas for TianChi and Inner Peace in clinical doses, and can help protect and supplement your brain before it's too late!

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