Death by Junk Food

Death by Junk Food

Did you know there is something new accounting for more deaths worldwide?

For the first time ever, alcohol and tobacco have been pushed aside by poor diet. 1 out of every 5 deaths worldwide can now be attributed to eating junk food!

This lack of nutrition may just be the final stressor that breaks humanity. Your body actually has a stress response when you eat food that is lacking real substance, such as sugar.

Eating sugar can cause a stress-like response, mobilizing all kinds of internal responses to deal with it. A body under stress has heightened requirements for all nutrients; a poor diet is like starvation when you’re under duress.

Eating well and managing your stress are essential to overall health. If you can’t make the decision to eat better and lower your stress, you’re going to have serious issues down the road.

There are so many people that are deficient in basic nutrients for maintaining health. If you take a look at the supplement facts for TianChi, you’ll notice over half of it are essential nutrients for your brain!

Most of the early signs of memory problems are related to stress and what’s called “starvation of the brain.” This starvation can cause basic brain functions to fail, and spiral into a hopeless diagnosis. Your brain struggling to function could just be a brain trying to cope with starvation.

You Can Reverse the Damage

Luckily, this is something that you can change, even overnight. All you have to do is decide to treat yourself better and eat better food!

Quit making poor dietary choices and eat REAL food. Learn to cook, get as far away from sugar as possible, and give your brain what it needs.

Nutrition and herbs can be empowering, even life changing. Realizing that just maybe you haven’t felt good for years because the fuel you run on is cheap and you deserve better - because you do!

Do it now, commit to it, before statistics catch up to you.

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