Stress Kills!

Stress Kills!

Let’s just be upfront about it: stress is killing you!

Stress can amplify every aspect of aging, turning minor health issues into chronic debilitating conditions.

From catching colds to serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s - stress is the one factor everyone ignores in diagnosing and treating disease. It would certainly be easier if you removed the root cause of stress, and not wait until it’s too late.

Inflammation and stress go hand in hand, and the worst inflammation you can have is inflammation in your brain from excessive cortisol. It’s this specific type that takes all other sources of inflammation in your brain and body and turns it into a raging fire that eats away at memory.

It’s the homocysteine that inflames your arteries and brain because you eat too much protein and not enough essential B vitamins like methylfolate and methylcobalamin. The cortisol fans the flames to wipe out your memory center.

Too Much Gluten

That wheat bread you can’t pass up, even though you know you might be allergic to it, can also cause a stress response and an all day long cortisol release. Combine that with the gaps it causes in your digestive lining and you get the added bonus of undigested food particles creating havoc with your immune system and your brain.

Any time your brain is missing nutrients you’ve set yourself up for advanced cortisol damage. Nutrition runs the processes of repair and protection for your brain, on top of being essential for peak performance.

Missing out on methylcobalamin, methylfolate, choline, B6 and niacin, leaves you with a brain that’s setup for chronic inflammation. This is why we feature these essentials in our formula for TianChi.

Stress kills,but it doesn’t have to. The first step is truly realizing how many different ways that stress can affect your overall health, and making a choice to do something about it!

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