Podcast: Antibiotics...They're in Your Food!?

Podcast: Antibiotics...They're in Your Food!?

Did you know that antibiotics could be in the food that you eat every day?

The introduction of antibiotics transformed Western medicine and could easily be described as the most important medical discovery of the last 100 years.

Learn about the wonders and dangers of antibiotics, as well as how their success has crippled the industry - as it cannot let go of this idea of a single chemical cure.

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  • 01:08  Antibiotics in western medicine
  • 05:55  Controlling our own world
  • 08:55  Cold & flu
  • 12:00  Antibiotic use on farms
  • 17:04  Making a difference
  • 25:00  Consuming antibiotics in our everyday food
  • 30:00  Using probiotics 

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