Disease Doesn’t Just Happen

Disease Doesn’t Just Happen

Do you realize that stress is involved in every chronic condition? It doesn’t matter what it is, stress plays a part, and is the most misunderstood part of health. 

In fact, everybody thinks they know what stress is; they are experiencing it, but they don’t really understand it.

Most of us associate stress with having shoulder or neck tension, getting upset in traffic or being overwhelmed at work. These are all great examples of emotional stress, but it is not the whole picture of what is actually happening inside of your body. 

The Accumulation of Disease

You may not be aware of it, but there is an internal process occurring that could be initiating the accumulation of disease...it's called stress!

Almost all chronic health conditions are a slow accumulation of poor health. An example is heart disease. Heart disease is associated with poor diet and lack of exercise...you don’t just instantly get heart disease, it happens over time when the body is not properly taken care of. Add stress to the mix and it accelerates the damage. 

Excessive stress hormone leads to increased inflammation or cellular damage, so reducing it is very important. Your cells have a repair mechanism designed to fix the damage, but it requires the proper nutrition to run the process. This is why the daily use of adaptogens to feed your body and brain is so important!

Adaptogens Provide Nutrition for the Body and Brain

The adaptogens found in all of our formulas are nature’s perfect answer to our present day stress crisis. This small class of herbs are the only substances that have a direct effect on the HPA axis and the human stress response. They directly feed the glands involved in the stress response, allowing your body to have the best chance to recover quickly with minimal damage.

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