Sleep & Recover Your Brain

Sleep & Recover Your Brain

Did you know that a healthy circadian rhythm could mean a longer lifespan? It may even be possible to prevent aging as well. One of the first signs of this rhythm being disrupted is poor sleep.

In fact, sleep patterns are now being looked at as a precursor for a number of neurodegenerative diseases. I always get this feeling that scientists look to see what herbalists are up to and then try to figure out ways of repeating herbal therapies in a lab and revealing it as new discoveries. This whole idea of circadian rhythm, sleep, and aging certainly fits the bill.

We’ve been talking about this for years in relation to sleep

Did you know that we make a specialized, all natural sleep aid called Sleep and Recover? In fact, most of the substances talked about in research are found in the formula, as well as the rest of our line of stress and brain essentials.

Melatonin for instance is involved with regulating sleep, wakefulness, body temperature, and certain hormones. It also increases SIRT1, a longevity protein in the brain, as does resveratrol, an antioxidant used in TianChi.

It’s also secreted by the pineal gland, which is one of the master glands in the brain. The pineal gland is also much more than just a repository for melatonin: it’s associated with the energy center of the brain known for lucid dreaming, mystic experiences and energizing the entire glandular system.

Science just likes to look at the basics of hormones, like melatonin.

Herbal formulas will never be recognized in the mechanistic idea of modern science, as they just can’t wrap their heads around multiple nutrients/herbs creating a response. Yet that’s just what the body needs in response to stress, which is the number one cause of sleep disruption and loss of circadian rhythm.

If you’re not dealing with your body’s stress you’ll never make progress with circadian rhythm by taking melatonin alone. This is exactly why we combine herbs that promote sleep, melatonin, and our proprietary herb blend in our formula for Sleep and Recover.

TianChi and Inner Peace also contain a great dose of reishi mushroom and spores - pure food for the pineal gland. There isn’t a better combination for nurturing the pineal itself and the energy center associated with it.

Regulating the pineal gland, the HPA Axis of hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal is the true magic of re-establishing circadian rhythm and getting a good night's sleep.

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