Get in the Zone

Get in the Zone

If you’re into sports, you might be familiar with the term “getting in the zone.” It happens when a player becomes so focused on a task and can perform at a peak level.

However, you don’t have to be playing a sport to experience getting in the zone, it may also apply to any creative effort or activity that requires a complete attention span.

It could be sports, writing, playing an instrument...getting in the zone is dependent on focus, awareness, and flow. All of the things that are related to a brain that’s meeting its needs and is performing at a higher level. This is what TianChi can help you achieve!

Brain Health

It’s truly a unique approach. Putting brain health and focus above just stimulating it to use more energy. Stimulant formulas make up the bulk of most programs and while they can produce immediate results, problems arise with long-term use as your adrenals are taxed with little or no support to your health.

No support means no recovery, and the recovery phase is where all the benefits happen.  

Recover Your Adrenals 

The adaptogenic herbal formula in TianChi allows for recovery by smoothing the transition from energy output into rebuilding mode shortly after exertion. Instead of being locked into an exhaustive adrenal push for hours after a workout or stressful situation, your body shifts easily into recovery mode when your nervous system calms.

It doesn’t matter if you're heading home from the gym or the office. Your body will glide between activity and recovery naturally, the way a fully healthy person should adapt to any stressor.

Getting in the zone is easier if your brain is meeting its own nutritional needs and has the ability to shift in and out of stress, and nothing makes getting into the zone easier than TianChi!

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