Podcast: Boosting Energy and Cleansing

Podcast: Boosting Energy and Cleansing

Did you know that you can stimulate your own body’s amazing cleansing process called autophagy?  

One of the main benefits of a cleansing is that it can have a great effect on how your liver processes carcinogens and other toxins.

Sometimes the liver just needs a break, and a good juice fast focused on greens and adaptogens can do the trick.

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  • 01:20  Autophagy is a natural process
  • 02:11  Breaking down old and damaged cells
  • 05:05  Intermittent fasting for autophagy
  • 12:30  Adaptogens in Inner Peace to regulate stress
  • 21:30  Ketogenic diet and your metabolism 
  • 26:35  Boosting energy with TianChi


John Zatkovich

Hi Roger,
Thank you so much for these informative podcast. I always learn something new to apply to my health agenda.
I did a search of your podcast to find out if you have covered nootropics yet. Seems to be a trendy thing now to help with increased cognition. Can you cover this topic and include the positive and negative affects of taking these “supplements”? I had a bad experience with one brand Joe Rogan endorses.

A faithful and long-time TianChi user, who won’t go off the tried and true again.

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