Low Libido? Try Adaptogens!

Low Libido? Try Adaptogens!

Are you experiencing a drop in your sex drive?

Perhaps your desire has either diminished or your body’s performance just can’t match up. You might think of procuring testosterone from your doctor, but the problem is testosterone is just one chemical, and sexual problems are rarely traced back to one single chemical missing from your system.

What you need to do is fix the core issues causing low testosterone in the first place. Adaptogens and Chinese tonic herbs can get to the root of what’s going on and create a base of health for the whole body to flourish, including your sex drive!

You see, the body knows how to create its own hormones if you give it the fuel it needs, and it’s important to remove the main issue that is preventing your body from doing so....It’s called stress!

Stress is the main culprit to lack of sexual energy and just adding hormones doesn’t correct stress. If you relax your nervous system and restore your Jing, your body can be given a chance to heal.

Restoring Jing

Jing is an energy system that includes your reproductive energy and your adrenals. If your adrenals weaken from prolonged stress, you’ll begin to lose energy and life-force. Jing is also associated with creativity, sexuality, and the root of essence and life.

Adaptogens, like the ones found in Inner Peace and TianChi, relax the body and relieve stress so it can restore Jing, replenish your adrenals, and power up your whole system!

This is the key to sexual energy, the one we all forget. The core principle behind HerbWorks’ formulas is restoration. Letting the body move toward homeostasis and replenish itself. In addition, one of the main adaptogens in Inner Peace and TianChi is a form of ashwagandha that has been clinically shown to increase testosterone naturally.

There’s nothing wrong with hormone therapy if it’s done right, however you  must first correct your imbalances, and adaptogens are the key to restoring and repairing!

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