Got Herbs?

Got Herbs?

Did you know that Chinese herbalism has been around for over 2,500 years?

There is a vast amount of information from China that has been accumulated over this time. No other herbal system in the world is as complex or as well documented.

Of course, certain things like the concept of Chi can frighten some people. The idea of something invisible like energy flowing or supporting bodily function can be quite disturbing to someone whose life is based on looking through a microscope.

The real beauty of Chinese herbalism isn’t the fact that it’s made up of thousands of substances, but rather a few herbs called tonics can be easily accessed by the public as a source of self help or health.

Not only are tonic herbs good for you and safe to use, but also they can be utilized to teach you the basic principles of self-health. Terms like Jing, Chi, and Shen make sense when taught in relation to herbs and particular health problems.

Famous Herbs

Tonic herbs are the most famous herbs commonly used by everyone in China. If you walk into an herbal shop, the tonics are in baskets within easy access to shoppers.

HerbWorks is a tonic herb company, as all of our formulas are based on tonic herbalism. These tonics are food grade herbs that supplement your own energy and help you to build reserves. We go after the main health issue that depletes your body and sets you up for future illnesses. It’s called stress!

Tonic herbs are why you feel so good when you use TianChi. It’s not only stress relieving, it’s restorative. It actually puts energy back into the body, and the effects build over time. Tonics offer the true greatness of Chinese herbalism - the ability to change, grow and develop as a human being. 

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