Happy Herbs - Tap into your Shen

Happy Herbs - Tap into your Shen

Are you happy? This seems like a legitimate question entering our 10th month of a worldwide pandemic. Our reality has been challenged in ways most of us have never experienced, and most importantly - stress is at an all time high.

The latest research shows that only about 10% of our happiness can be attributed to our external world. That 10% includes basic things like food, shelter, someone to love, and income to provide the basics.

Even though the pandemic has attacked our external world, we still have that 90% to play with, and maybe it’s time we looked deeper into expanding our awareness of what really makes us who we are. Maybe the better question would be “what makes you happy?”

It could be getting outside, meditation, exercise, learning, or being of service. You might have noticed, most of these are solitary pursuits.

If you’re experiencing anger, sadness, frustration, or disappointment - all of these things are part of life, but when you’re happy you recognize them as fleeting moments and not permanent conditions.

Give Yourself a Chance

Sometimes, you need to put yourself in a position to have a positive experience, and adaptogenic herbs can do just that!

TianChi can help you feel less stressed, with increased mental clarity, so that you’re in a position to have a better reaction to your next stressful event. This conserves the energy wasted being angry and upset for hours.

The adaptogens in TianChi and Inner Peace are the key to experiencing a healthy stress response. Just like how we overlook the little things in life that add to our overall happiness, we tend to overlook the effect the herbs that perform the magic behind the scenes. 

Herbs like polygala and albizzia flower open the channels to our heart and allow energy to move freely.

Forgetting Cares and Sorrow

Albizzia is known as the herb for “forgetting cares and sorrow.” It also puts the heart in a position to recognize and experience love in all the little things in life, and opens you up to seeing the things that can lead to becoming more fully human. All of this depends on an open heart.

Reishi, albizzia flower, and polygala are called “Shen” or spirit tonics. They help us tap into our own inner light and let it shine out into the world. We’re all born into this world with the same amount because we are all spiritual beings. It’s just about peeling back the layers of pain and emotion that may be hiding yours, and instead...being happy!

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