Podcast: Protecting Yourself from Pesticides

Podcast: Protecting Yourself from Pesticides

Are herbicides, pesticides, and environmental toxins in the food that you eat?

Monsanto once lost a $289 million dollar lawsuit due to the relationship of Roundup causing cancer in humans, and were also hit with a study by the Environmental Working Group, alleging unsafe levels of Roundup in foods that you eat everyday. 

Learn how to protect yourself from pesticides and set up your body to get rid of the toxins in your system from foods you’ve eaten and why switching to organic is so important.

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  • 02:50  Glyphosate in herbicides and pesticides 
  • 04:40  Toxins in the environment
  • 07:00  Eating organic food
  • 11:30  Environmental Working Group standards 
  • 17:04  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • 24:30  Schizandra and tonic herbs to cleanse your system 
  • 25:10  TianChi and detoxifying your liver

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