Higher Intuition

Higher Intuition

You might think of intuition as a gut feeling, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach when something doesn’t seem right. We’ve all experienced it but don’t always pay attention.

I can look back and laugh at things that have happened to me because I ignored this simple warning. Higher intuition is different. It doesn’t involve gut feelings. In fact it doesn’t involve feelings at all. It comes through as a clear message, often similar to being spoken to, as wisdom or insights into something important.

It may seem special, but it’s something that’s accessible to all human beings who develop it. The messages of higher intuition come through the energy centers in your brain that are associated with the pituitary and pineal glands.

These are the two primary glands that correlate to the energy centers or chakras of the crown and third eye. The human energy body contains numerous energy centers that facilitate the flow of emotions and light throughout our physical body.

The Influence of Adaptogenic Herbs

This energy system is one of the ways that adaptogenic herbs influence thinking, feeling and transformation. Herbs like reishi, rhodiola and ashwagandha have a major influence on glandular energy - especially situated in the brain.

All adaptogens influence the HPA-axis of the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal, which in turn activate all the energy centers in the brain.

Of all of the adaptogens, reishi mushroom is the premier herb for the pineal/crown and pituitary/third eye. These same centers are activated during meditation.

Using adaptogenic formulas like TianChi and Inner Peace could even heighten your meditative experience because of this correlation!!

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