Improving Your Liver with TianChi

Improving Your Liver with TianChi

We often get questions about TianChi and liver health, with many wondering if there are any herbs in TianChi that help boost liver function. As it turns out, there are a lot of good liver tonics found in the formula!

According to new research, even methylfolate and methylcobalamin are essential to preventing and treating certain liver problems.

Let's talk about some of the herbs in TianChi first.

  • Schizandra, the Chinese equivalent to milk thistle, has successfully been used to treat hepatitis. It’s a liver and lung tonic good for helping detox both. It lacks the harshness of milk thistle and is considered a food for daily consumption. Schizandra is also a brain tonic and great for your skin.
  • Reishi mushroom is not only an adaptogen but creates a squeaky clean liver. It works on drugs as well as pesticides or other chemicals that harm your liver. You just can’t beat reishi for liver health, immune modulating and adaptogen all wrapped into one herb.
  • Rhodiola isn’t usually known as a liver cleanser but its high antioxidant profile lends itself to being a great herb for any detox. You could say it detox’s the brain, since it’s one of the best for lowering cortisol.

Herbs are the first part of a program to make sure your liver is healthy, but the rest is up to your diet. The worst two things for liver health are fructose and alcohol.

Team them up and you’ve got a disaster brewing. Yet, this is exactly the diet a majority of Americans consume.

NAFLD or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, is the leading liver ailment worldwide - brought on by excessive fructose, trans fats and poor nutrition when the liver becomes overwhelmed with the accumulation of fat.

Don't wait until it's too late - start taking TianChi now so that you can take care of your liver, body, and mind! 


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