The Brain Revolution

The Brain Revolution

There is a revolution going on in brain health, and western medicine is even getting involved. Studies are being launched around the globe looking for the best way to ensure healthy aging brains.

The shift has gone from focusing on new meds to this quiet revolution in thinking. The latest is the Finger Study (Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study) but similar ones are underway.

Basically they are making people eat better, exercise, do some computer cognitive training, and work on controlling their metabolism. So this is what its come down to.

Eat better, exercise, stretch your brain, and raise your metabolism. Isn’t this what we should be doing anyway?!

High Quality Nutrition for Your Brain

This is all great, but I’m sorry...there isn’t any mention of feeding the brain high quality nutrition that just doesn’t come from diet. Your brain will rarely get Omega 3’s in the amount needed for brain health.

Very few of us get enough nutrition to offset the radical amount of poison they ingest every day. Few people do anything at all about the onslaught of inflammation caused by stress and EMF exposure.

We started our own brain revolution years ago with TianChi. I’m in my 60’s now (ouch!) and don’t know what I would have done without it. I’m really happy that science is finally waking up to lifestyle as a way to prevent memory issues with aging.

You CAN Change

I don’t know how that will translate to someone that doesn’t even know about organic food - but it’s a step in the right direction. The reality is that we create most of our own health issues, even memory loss.

The combination of pesticides, toxins, and food chemicals we’ve let into our lives creates damage that I don’t think a small change in lifestyle will stop.

Eat clean, eat organic. Drink filtered water, exercise, and raise a glass of TianChi to a better brain!

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