Is Your Brain Feeling O.L.D.?

Is Your Brain Feeling O.L.D.?

If you’re hungry what do you do? Obviously, you eat. If you’re thirsty what do you do? You drink. When you become forgetful, what do you do? Drink some TianChi!

Your body has the ability to help you know when to do obvious things that are good for you like eating and drinking. So wouldn’t it be great if we had an inborn system to tell us when our brains are starving and need more nutrition? Well actually we do, and it’s called forgetfulness.

Forgetfulness can take many forms but when other people start to notice it, you might have a problem. Forget your keys? Are names hard to remember? These are all things that tend to happen as we age. Some of it is natural and used to be jokingly called old-timers.

Memory Issues

Hearing about memory issues should set off an internal alarm about dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s sad to think western medicine cannot realize a simple fact: the majority of memory issues are nutritional problems and can be made better using nutrition.

Very few people are proactive in taking care of their brain, spending their whole lives without a thought about caring for the main thing they need as they age - a healthy brain.

TianChi can help promote a healthy brain. It is formulated with the most important herbs and nutrients for brain health. Most of the things that people just don’t get enough of to maintain a highly functioning brain - such as choline, B12, folate, and of course...the right adaptogens!

Taking a formula like TianChi every day also helps deal with the damage from excessive stress and a lack of nutrition. Stress sets off the inflammation that accelerates brain aging. Besides that, as we get older, our brains are literally starving for nutrition, and the lack of it for decades can destroy your memory.

We all have to take it upon ourselves to help each other out. If you or someone you love is experiencing the beginnings of feeling O.L.D. - it’s time to help them out before it’s too late!


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