Building Strength with Adaptogens

Building Strength with Adaptogens

Did you know that adaptogenic herbs can restore optimal internal function, so the body can fully respond to challenges?

In other words, adaptogens help your body adapt. This idea is woven throughout Chinese herbology - dealing with weaknesses and helping you find your own strength.

The emphasis is always to support and strengthen, allowing the body to truly heal. Adaptogenic herbs can have a multi-layered effect on your health, especially your body and mind.

When consumed individually, most herbs don’t have as strong of an effect. However, with proper formulation, maximum results can be achieved.

Balance Your Stress Response

TianChi and Inner Peace are formulated in a way meant to balance your natural stress response and regulate how it deals with the initial reaction and recovery - knowing the body can fully deal with it if it has the internal strength.

Adaptogens feed the systems involved in your body’s stress response, so it all happens naturally without wearing you down or wearing you out. That’s a much happier, healthier approach to dealing with stress.

Tonic herbalism supports the life-force needed to bring about the possibility of healing, something we can all use a little more of in our day to stay fit and healthy.

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