Lycium For Longevity

Lycium For Longevity

Did you know that lycium fruit, or goji berry, is a popular Chinese tonic herb that is believed to promote long life?

Goji is actually a relatively new name given to lycium, which was traditionally referred to as wolfberry. Goji berry and wolfberry are basically identical, with the only difference being that goji grows in higher altitudes, and wolfberry grows in lowland areas.

Lycium/goji/wolfberry is a restorative for the liver and kidneys, and is a real superfood, rich in antioxidants/immune building polysaccharides. It is famous as a beauty, vision, and blood-building herb. 

Advanced Protection

It is considered a food for the eyes as it contains beta carotene and zeaxanthin, playing a role in protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of oxidation/light-induced damage.

Daily consumption, which you can easily get with TianChi, is said to “brighten the eyes'' and brighten your mind!

As with all Jing tonics - it’s also known to be beneficial to the skeletal systems.

Lycium makes a great complement to the primary adaptogens in TianChi to help you build up your Jing, and overall health.

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John Zatkovich

Good stuff! Hadn’t even heard of Lycium before this read.

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