Astragalus and Vitality

Astragalus and Vitality

Did you know that the root of astragalus is a primary herb in traditional Chinese medicine, and one of the most important adaptogens?

Astragalus is a primary overall health promoting tonic for building vital life force. It has been known to help strengthen bone marrow and balance the immune system.

It is one of the main herbs used in Fu Zheng therapy, which essentially means to “normalize, secure, and support the center (root).” Fu Zheng herbs include adaptogens, tonics, and organ system protectors.

Increasing Vitality

Astragalus has been used for centuries for general weakness and to increase overall vitality, which is exactly why we use it in our formulas for Inner Peace and TianChi!

The root of astragalus is an energy building and chi building herb that can be used every day to improve your quality of life.

It is said that astragalus is used to build “upright chi”, meaning when the lungs are strong and the breath is deep, it promotes good posture and holds the organs in place.

It’s also an excellent herb for maintaining the “protective chi” circulating on the surface of the skin helping to ward off seasonal illness.

Building chi and taking care of your vitality is a great way to prepare your body for almost anything, and it’s never too late to start taking it every day!

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John Zatkovich

I use Inner Peace when driving in LA traffic and it calms me down and keeps me from getting upset when someone cuts me off.

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