Max Out Your Brain Benefits

Max Out Your Brain Benefits

Do you know about the importance of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor?

BDNF for short - and you don’t want to be without it! This little known chemical was the inspiration for adding green tea extract to our formula for TianChi, and it might just hold the key to brain health and halting premature aging. So what is it, and how can you get more?

BDNF is a type of protein that influences your brain health and the health of your entire nervous system. It supports cognitive function by promoting neurogenesis (the creation of new neurons) and also helps to protect existing brain cells. Research suggests that if you struggle with poor brain function, you likely have reduced levels of BDNF.

Boosting BDNF

While you can increase your BDNF levels with certain herbs such as green tea and eleuthero, there is also another way to boost it. This method requires nothing except a little time and’s called exercise!

Exercise has amazing benefits on many levels and now we know it’s even incredible for brain health. Lifting weights, walking, and running can work pretty well to boost BDNF, especially when done in bursts of high intensity.

If you really want to max out your brain benefits you’ll want to have TianChi before you start your workout. It just might give you that extra boost that you need to make it through it!

Taking proper care of your brain with herbs and exercise can give you more energy, help you to recover better, and allow you to feel good knowing you’re on the ultimate anti-aging program!

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