Reduce Fatigue, Increase Your Energy

Reduce Fatigue, Increase Your Energy

Did you know that your body can adapt to the way it handles a stressful situation?

Your fight-or-flight response determines when using energy is necessary for survival, and can then decide when this elevated stimulating response is no longer needed.

After a stress response, your body can then allow energy to be shifted to dealing with recovery and repair for your long term health, but this doesn’t always happen right away.

Adaptogens, such as those found in TianChi and Inner Peace, are ideal to aid in this process of engaging the body’s natural recovery so that our system can respond to and recover from stress more efficiently.

Stress & Blood Sugar

The effect of stress on blood glucose levels is a good example of how this works. When you’re stressed out, the HPA axis releases adrenaline and cortisol. This causes a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. After these levels peak, they fall rapidly to lower than normal, which initiates low blood sugar and exhaustion.

Adaptogenic herbs can help to reduce this intensity of changes of blood sugar levels, and even enhance the effective use of glucose within cells.

The daily use of adaptogens, along with a good diet, exercise, rest, and proper nutrition, is an excellent way to slow down aging, rebuild your energy, and improve your overall quality of life!

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