Podcast: (Pt. 1) Reducing Stress with Chinese Herbalism

Podcast: (Pt. 1) Reducing Stress with Chinese Herbalism

Adrian Baker and Roger Drummer discuss what makes Chinese herbology unique – the fundamental principal of recognizing a person’s core imbalance and correcting it. 

Restoring and maintaining vitality with adaptogens is paramount to overall health and wellness, creating a better sense of well-being. 

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  • 02:40  TianChi for your nervous system
  • 06:26  Chinese herbalism 101
  • 10:05  Yin and Yang balance
  • 19:45  The importance of rest
  • 31:30  Ginseng and your health
  • 45:00  Jing deficiency and brain fog 
  • 55:00  Ashwagandha nurtures your glands 

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