Are You Full of Bacteria?

Are You Full of Bacteria?

Did you know you have more bacteria in your body than human cells? 

It’s important to have the right bacteria, and learning how to co-exist with them in a healthy way. There is a living thing growing inside of us called the microbiome - a pretty complex community of yeast, bacteria, and viruses.

The microbiome has more genes than we have human genes, and houses 70% of our immune function. It also makes vitamins, controls metabolism, blood sugar, and even brain chemistry. It can also help make you fat. Yes, your own gut microbes may be in love with food and making you fat.

You have two predominant types of bacteria in your intestines

The good slimming one, bacteroidetes, feeds on vegetables and fiber, whole foods and healthy fats. It also holds onto less of the calories you consume. This is the type of bacteria you want to dominate your digestive system.

If you’re eating a diet that includes a large portion of calories from fast food, non-fiber food, sugar, or cooked oils, you probably have an abundance of the calorie hoarding fattening bacteria, firmicutes.

It’s a never-ending cycle of feeding the bad fattening bacteria, and starving the good slimming bacteria. It’s all about what YOU decide to put in your body. So how do you remedy this situation?

Fruits and vegetables with fiber intact actually feed the slimming bacteria, and polyphenol antioxidants are also the perfect food for bacteroidetes. Scientists are now beginning to think that feeding the bacteria is how these powerful antioxidants are allowed to work.

Herbs are a rich source of antioxidants

Chinese herbs are a rich source of the type of polyphenols that good bacteria love. We already know the adaptogenic herbs found in Inner Peace and TianChi help to regulate your nervous system and handle stress...and now it appears that the powerful antioxidants are also helping feed your good bacteria, which in turn helps your microbiome and overall health!

So it really all comes down to the things we’ve always known were good for us. Clean antioxidant rich whole foods and herbs, and staying clear from environmental toxins, can put you on the best path to robust health.

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