How to Prevent Aging

How to Prevent Aging

You may think that all of the things we usually associate with aging are normal. In reality, the vast majority of people in the world experience abnormal aging directly related to bad habits.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and memory issues don’t have to be in your future, if you make the right choices now. Abnormal aging doesn’t happen because we’re getting older, it happens due to the state of your mitochondria and your stress levels!

Your mitochondria are the cells power producers that create ATP out of sugar, fat, or protein. Quality fat is the preferred source to power your cells, but most people try to run theirs on sugar. This not only wears you out, but once your mitochondria age, you age.

Unhealthy fats also weaken the cell membrane, which is made up guessed it, fat. However - olive oil, coconut oil, MCT and grass fed butter are all healthy fats that feed mitochondrial health and promote healthy aging.

Brain fog, low energy, lack of motivation and mood swings, are all indications of poor mitochondrial health. You need to change your diet and eliminate your dependence on sugar and toxic fat. Once you clear the abnormal aging foods out of your diet and replace them with healthy aging foods, it’s time to take care of the other things that drive abnormal aging—stress and poor nutrition.

Stress Makes Your Body and Brain Suffer

One of the things you might not realize, is that every function of your body suffers when you are stressed. That fight-or-flight reaction you’re experiencing goes right down to your mitochondria in every cell and changes the way it processes energy. You cannot promote a healthy state of growth when your cells are getting the alarm signal all day.

This is why adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha and rhodiola, found in our own TianChi and Inner Peace, have been shown to increase mitochondrial growth...especially in the brain!

All of your cells require nutrients to make energy and to prevent abnormal aging and yet the average factory made diet falls way short of meeting even the basic requirements for maintaining health.

TianChi has evolved over the years to include the very best nutrients for growing and maintaining healthy neurons, for protecting the hippocampus from damage by excessive stress. In addition to the adaptogens that can help your brain, it also contains D-ribose, one of the best nutrients for feeding healthy mitochondria.

With all of the research coming out on healthy aging it’s starting to show humans may have the potential to live much longer than what we now think is the average.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking all of these advances in science can save you from your poor diet and lifestyle. All of the research is dependent on how we take care of ourselves through our food, supplements, stress reduction, and of course - happiness.

Drink’s the “Happiest Drink on Earth”!

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