Rhodiola for Fatigue

Rhodiola for Fatigue

Did you know that one of rhodiola’s greatest attributes is its ability to enhance mental and physical performance while also increasing energy?

It also can help to improve your nervous system and memory, by increasing the blood supply to your muscles and brain.

Rhodiola is said to be cardioprotective - by working to normalize your heart rate immediately after exercise, and also controlling the impact of stress on your heart.

A premier adaptogen

Also known as plateau ginseng, rhodiola is one of the premier adaptogens in the entire world and one of the top adaptogens featured in our formulas for TianChi, Inner Peace, & Sleep and Recover due to its many amazing properties.

Stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep are just a few factors that can contribute to fatigue, and the adaptogenic nature of rhodiola makes it a popular herb for fighting these effects of fatigue as well as other issues associated with long term stress. 

Adaptogens like rhodiola adapt to your body over time, so make sure to work them into your daily routine for optimal benefits, and to boost your overall health!

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