The Wonder Herb - Siberian Ginseng

The Wonder Herb - Siberian Ginseng

Did you know that eleuthero, also known as Siberian ginseng, is the herb primarily responsible for the term adaptogen? 

Adaptogens enhance the body’s ability to deal with the many adverse conditions of modern life, while maintaining good health and promoting the ability to handle stress!

In addition, studies have said that “an adaptogen must cause minimal disruptions to normal physiological functions and have a normalizing action irrespective of the direction of the pathological state.”

This means that adaptogens assist the body in re-establishing its own natural rhythm and maintaining its internal balance.

Adaptogens and Homeostasis

Eleuthero has the direct effect of regulating each person’s internal processes. Natural herbs can allow the body to correct itself, instead of forcing it to do something else. In other words....adaptogens assist the process of homeostasis!

It’s easy to see why modern medicine has so much trouble with this concept. They would have to accept the notion that the body can heal itself by simply returning to its natural resting state - which is being relaxed, and stress free.

Combining Adaptogens 

Eleuthero is a great adaptogen because it is one of the best herbs for consolidating and strengthening your adrenal-kidney energy, which provides endurance, more physical energy and helps to regulate the HPA axis.

However, Eleuthero has a limited ability as an individual herb and is best used when combined in formulas that contains a complete blend of adaptogens, such as our very own TianChi and Inner Peace.

Eleuthrero works best when added to a formula designed to assist the body’s ability to cope with physical and emotional stress, which is exactly what we aim to provide at HerbWorks.

The bottom line is that in the right combination, Eleuthero makes it easier for all of the other herbs in a formula to do their job more effectively, and bring you a better sense of well-being.  

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Your products are by far the best of any out there.
They work toward lifting you in every way and they keep working. I’ve used your products for fifteen years and never missed a day.
It’s what everybody needs.

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